SIYI ZR30 4K Al 180X Hybrid Zoom Gimbal Pod
  • SIYI ZR30 4K 8MP Ultra HD 180X Hybrid 30X Optical Zoom Gimbal Camera with AI Smart Identify and Tracking 1/2.7″ Sony Sensor HDR Starlight Night Vision 3-Axis Stabilizer UAV UGV USV Pod Payload for Drone Surveillance Inspection.

    ZR30 is the first SIYI gimbal with quick release structure. Up to 180X hybrid zoom and 30X optical zoom, carrying a 4K 1/2.7-inch Sony CMOS, coming with powerful AI identify and tracking based on neural network processing unit, and 4K video recording and photography, Ethernet and HDMI output are compatible with both SIYI links and third-party links. ZR30’s industry-level 3-axis stabilizing technology and high-precision FOC control algorithms ensure absolutely stable imaging and zooming ability during flight. HDR and starlight night vision features can extend the application of gimbal camera in both day and night. ZR30 Drone Gimbal camera is a rare and good payload for multi-rotors, VTOLs, and robotics.

    180X Hybrid Zoom / 30X Optical Zoom
    AI Smart Identify Tracking
    Quick Release Fast Payload Change
    1/2.7 Inch Sony CMOS
    4K Ultra HD Photo & Video Recording
    Upside Down Mode
    Starlight Night Vision Camera
    540 Degree Yaw Axis Rotation

    180X Hybrid Zoom, 30X Optical Zoom

    ZR30 gimbal camera supports 180x hybrid zoom and up to 30x optical zoom, offering crystal clear and very far view. ZR30’s fast and accurate algorithm makes it focus quickly and quite easy to output high-quality videos.
    Al Smart Identify and Tracking

    Embedded in brand-new Al algorithms developed by SIYI, ZR30 gimbal camera can autonomously identify moving objects like vehicles, boats, and people. Companion with gimbal rotation and UAV flight control system, ZR30 will accomplish an overall smart operation from identifying and locating to continuously tracking. The zoom camera will always maintain the tracking object in the center of the image.

    *The Al feature is under development and will be supported by firmware update soon.
    Quick Release, Fast Payload Change

    As the first gimbal pod carrying the quick release structure, ZR30 can be changed quickly to meet the requirement of different application scenes. There will be more interesting SIYI payloads joining in the quick-release ecology. Welcome to pay an attention.
    Professional Imaging System

    ZR30 carries a 1/2.7-inch Sony image sensor, a megapixels CMOS with remarkable photosensitivity ability, impressive 4K video recording and photography. Those combined features make distant beautiful sceneries nicely seen in motion pictures.
    Upside Down Mode

    ZR30 gimbal automatically activates upside down mode when it is placed upside down, very convenient to be mounted on multiple kinds of vehicles like UGV, USV, robot dog, and robotics.
    Gimbal Motion Mode
    Follow Mode

    Horizontally, gimbal follows when the aircraft rotates.
    Lock Mode

    Horizontally, gimbal does not follow when the aircraft rotates.
    FPV Mode

    Gimbal rotates simultaneously as the aircraft rolls to get FPV view, and output enhanced stable images.
    Starlight Night Vision Camera

    ZR30 comes with an ultra-sensitive starlight CMOS can keep image bright even in low light environment. HDR feature can precisely capture details of highlights and shadows in dynamic scenes, getting away of low light or backlight.

    3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizing Control Algorithms High-Precision FOC Motor Control

    ZR30 gimbal camera is applied with industry-level 3-axis stabilizing technology and high-precision FOC control algorithms, which reduces most image shaking and ensures image is always stable even if aircraft or vehicle is vigorously moving. Meanwhile, camera continuously outputs smooth and clear images even in zooming. ZR30’s yaw axis supports up to 540-degree rotation, which provides a much freer observation angle during flight, especially on VTOL drones and planes.