SIYI ZR10 2K 30X Zoom Camera Gimbal
  • SIYI ZR10 2K 30X Zoom Camera Gimbal

    SIYI ZR10 is an HD hybrid zoom gimbal camera completely developed by SIYI Technology, featuring 4 megapixels of resolution, 10X optical zoom, and up to 30X hybrid zoom, can record video at 2K resolution by TF card. ZR10’s 3-axis stabilizing technology with FOC control help maintain an absolutely stable image during flight. And the HDR and starlight feature can help expand drone missions to 24/7. In a word, ZR10 is a rare and good payload for multi-rotors, VTOLs, and robotics. It performs very well in dark environments too. The 3-axis gimbal reduces most image shaking even the aircraft is in vigorous movement. It is an excellent option for surveillance/inspections drone.

    10X Optical Zoom, 30X Hybrid Zoom

    ZR10 gimbal camera supports 30x hybrid zoom, offering clear view beyond hundreds of meters. ZR10’s fast and accurate algorithm makes it focus quickly and quite easy to output high-quality videos.
    4MP CMOS/2K Recording

    SIYI ZR10 comes with a CMOS of 400 megabits of effective pixels. Video resolution is up to 2560×1440. Recording supports Class 10 high-speed MicroSD card to present to customers videos with full of elegant details.
    3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer/High-Precision FOC Control

    SIYI ZR10 gimbal camera is applied with industry-level 3-axis stabilizing technology and high-precision FOC control algorithms, which reduces most image shaking and ensure that the image is always stable even if the aircraft or the vehicle is in vigorous movement, and the camera will continuously output stable and clear images in long focus.
    High Dynamic Range/Starlight Night Vision Camera

    The HDR feature in ZR10 can precisely capture details of highlights and shadows in dynamic scenes, getting away of low light or backlight. The ultra-sensitive starlight CMOS can keep image bright even in low light environment.
    Applications/Asset Inspection

    ZR10’s 30x hybrid zoom camera, working with HD image transmission devices, can be applied in various asset inspection scenes such as power plant, construction site, etc. Especially in inspecting very dangerous assets such as electric towers and wind turbines, drones equipped with ZR10 zoom camera can secure ground operators with enough distance to finish inspection by checking the received zoom images over the air efficiently and safely.
    Fire Control and Rescue

    In emergent situations such rescue in fire control scenes, firefighters need to see the full picture as fast as possible. ZR10 is zoom feature can help firefighters quickly see what is happening and transfer important real-time images to the command center, so they can deploy or adjust rescue force in time. Then the rescue task can be finished in high level and high efficiency.
    Traffic Monitoring

    To see the full scene, and to check a specific spot, traffic coordinators just need to hover their drones equipped with ZR10 gimbal camera in safe space over the target position, then they can monitor the road traffic in real-time. The monitoring images can be zoomed in when they check details or zoomed out when they stream images of the whole scene.