Consulting Services

Customized Engineering and Integration Support

  • Customized engineering and integration support for OEMs
  • Custom carrier boards for the Cube (formerly Pixhawk 2.1)
  • Hardware systems integration, including custom PCB design for payloads and other sub-systems.
  • Frame and Chasis customization to suit specific applications.

Custom PCB Design

  • We execute custom schematic capture, board layout, prototyping and basic bring up to suit your product requirements.

Design Review

Design Phase/Pre-Launch

We can review your drone, unmanned vehicle, or robotic product design to identify potential issues during design and pre-launch to help you save money, time, and have a smoother path to market.  We analyze the design for power integrity, signal integrity, design for manufacturability, design for testability, design for reliability, design for compliance, and BOM/supply chain issues.

Post Launch

We can review your design to identify running changes to promote product quality, robustness, safety, cost reductions, and BOM/supply chain issues.

Failure and Root Cause Analysis

We can help your company get to the bottom of a show-stopping issue at any phase of the product lifecycle.

Smart Battery Design

Lithium Polymer and Lithium Ion

We have production proven designs for battery management and protection systems that can be adapted to your specific cell and application.  We can also develop a completely custom solution for your application.

Other Chemistries

We can design, build, and program a BMS for most other non-lithium secondary cell chemistries,

Product Compliance for Global Markets

We have extensive experience getting drone and robotic products through compliance testing and certification for global markets.

Cable and Wire Harness Design

We can design cables and wire harnesses for your product.  We are also able to build prototypes of the harnesses using our in-house wire processing and terminal crimping equipment.   We also can help you identify and transfer the design to a production cable manufacturer.

NPI Services

We can help your company navigate the technical aspects of new product introduction and manufacturing bring up.

Dangerous Goods Shipping

Coming soon.